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Soccer Sucks

Soccer sucks, it doesn't get any more simple than that.

Soccer Sucks, literally...

Welcome to soccersucks.net, a website dedicated to exposing the dangerous elements of soccer. This is primarily an educational site, which proves that soccer is an activity that has a reflexive nature with violent, perverted people. Hopefull, this can cure some soccer fans of their problems, and help them move on with their lives and away from soccer.

Soccer is a popular activity. This does not mean it has any value. Any idiot who ascribes value to soccer because it is popular should also choose a Big Mac over chateaubriand, since McDonald's is more popular than a Union Square Cafe. Soccer does have some limited merit, however, and soccersucks.net does cover these cases.

Soccer, for the most part is a disgusting exercise. soccersucks.net is proud to shed light on the terrible influence soccer has on the world. It appeals to violent hooligans and terrorists. It appeals to perverts. It appeals to fascists and Nazis. It appeals to self-important and self-hating freaks. If this upsets you, as a soccer fan, perhaps you should examine your premises and discover why you are a soccer fan. You will find something you don't like. Don't fret, soccersucks.net is here to help!

A large part of the mission soccersucks.net is to cure soccer fans from their disease. We provide informative links on how to wean oneself from soccer. We offer soccer fans access to real sports, so they may discover athleticism and competition.